Announcing our ERC20 token, ABRAR

We are excited to announce the launch of ABRAR, our ERC20 token, which will power our decentralized platform built on a L2 Polygon blockchain. With ABRAR at the forefront, our platform is set to revolutionize the decentralized landscape, offering speed, security, and scalability for all users.


Welcome to ABRAR, a decentralized platform built on the blockchain. Our goal is to bring the advantages of blockchain technology to businesses and individuals alike, and create a more equitable and accessible financial system for everyone.

At ABRAR, we believe that blockchain technology has the power to transform many industries, from finance to supply chain management to social media. By building a strong community of users and developers, we aim to create an ecosystem where everyone can benefit from the power of blockchain.
Our team is made up of experts in blockchain technology, finance, and business development. We are passionate about creating innovative solutions that can make a real difference in people’s lives. Whether you’re a business owner, a seasoned investor, a digital enthusiast, or simply looking for a better way to manage your assets, ABRAR is the perfect solution.
We invite you to join us on this exciting journey.

We are committed to creating a better future for everyone, and we believe that ABRAR is a crucial step in that direction.

Thank you for choosing ABRAR as your partner in the decentralized future


ABRAR Decentralized Finance

A Decentralized Solution for Secure Trading Abrar is proud to announce the launch of its decentralized finance (Defi) platform that will provide


Small Medium Enterprise Platfrom

Advertisement and Membership Database platform deployment

Token Airdrop


Gold Backed Token Platfrom

Platform deployment and Assesment

Defi platfom

Platform deployment and Assesment

Buy-Back Waste Platfrom

Platform Assesment

Token Reward

Platform Deployment

Philanthropy Community Platform

Platform Deployment and Assesment


ABRAR implement token vesting for team and early investors, to align their incentives with the token holders and prevent the dumping of tokens. From the total token supply allocated 10% for the team and 10% for early investors, with the remaining 50% tokens being sold during the token sale and 20% reserved for future development


“Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge”

Iqbal, K


"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"

Miekel Kurnia

HAUM 3.0

I am committed to providing you with a seamless user experience and top-notch services that leverage cutting-edge blockchain technology. Join us in building a better future, where your data belongs to you and your voice is heard. Let's shape the decentralized world together

M. Fazrul Isnaeni


Whether you're an experienced trader or just getting started, our DEX makes it easy to buy, sell, and stake your favorite cryptocurrencies with low fees and high liquidity. Join our community of crypto enthusiasts and take advantage of our advanced trading tools and features. Start trading on our DEX today and experience the future of decentralized finance!

M. Ikhsan Abrar


With our decentralized platform, you can be sure that your donations go directly to those who need them most, without any middlemen taking a cut. Join our community of compassionate donors and together, let's make a positive impact on the world.

Armstrong Pontoh Awaeh


At ABRAR, we believe in the power of gold as a safe and reliable store of value. That's why we've backed our ABRAR token with 16ct of gold, ensuring that each token is redeemable for its equivalent value in precious metal. This provides a secure and stable investment opportunity for our users, backed by the tangible value of gold. With ABRAR, you can invest in both the future of cryptocurrency and the timeless value of gold, all in one powerful package.

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